Sex Ed Conferences

Have you ever struggled with questions related to your sexuality, puberty, sexual safety, contraception, and more? Then Sex Ed conferences are exactly the place for you. 

Sex Ed Conference

Sex Ed Conference helps provide essential sexuality education to individuals to ensure people are more comfortable and confident about themselves.

These conferences can help answer all your doubts regarding numerous topics such as Puberty, Healthy and Unhealthy relationships, sexual safety, and more. This helps people understand, appreciate, and take complete control over their bodies and sexuality with proper care and information.

In this article, we will mention top Sex Ed conferences that can help provide essential sex education. 

National SexEd Conference 

The Center for Sex Education (CSE) has been involved in hosting Sex Ed Conference annually since 1985.

The first-ever Sex Ed conference was started for New Jersey health educators and has now transformed into the largest conference in the United States that helps provide essential education on sexuality.

This conference is often attended by people across the nation to understand and learn best practices in sexuality education, addressing a wide range of topics, and more. 

The CSE is the publisher of sexuality education manuals that are utilized by professionals around the world. The guides generated by CSE contain answers to numerous doubts and questions raised by people of different age groups.

It includes guides on how to answer young children’s questions about sexuality to teaching and advocating for elderly or senior citizens about Sex Ed. It contains guides for every age group helping address questions about puberty, health, sexual safety, contraception, and much more. It helps provide user-friendly and cost-effective lesson plans on sexuality. 

The CSE is highly focused on the proposition that each and everyone has the right to sex education. It can help people understand, appreciate, and take responsibility and control over their sexuality without any fear or doubts.  

Keynotes of Speakers: 

The National Sex Ed Conference has been involved in providing some of the best keynote speakers. Here are the names of some of the best keynote speakers along with their titles:

  • Dianne R. Browne, Crystal D. Charley, & Jatesha “Jaye” Madden-Wilson: “My Black Health is Beautiful”
  • Tanya M. Bass: Fixing Sex Ed: “What Does it Take?”
  • Grace Schoenberger: “Get Connected: Virtual Sex Ed for High School Training of the Educator”
  • Tory Sparks: “Fat Positivity in Sex Education”
  • Esther Corona-Vargas, Mariotta Gary-Smith, Nora Gelperin, Marlene K. Tappe, & Bill Taverner: “Setting the Standard: Exploring Best Practices in Sex Education”
  • Dylan Kapit: Autistic Focused Sex Education

2023 National Sex Ed Conference: 

Users can register for the 2023 Nation Sex Ed Conference using this link https://nationalsexedconference. Users can either sign up for Online Conference available for $345 or In-Person Conference available for $545. 

Online Conference 

The online conference provides access to 20 or more recorded webinars. It contains live video streaming for around four keynotes along with access to special breakout interest groups and networking sessions. Users need to be 18 or older to register for this online conference. 

In-Person Conference 

The in-person conference will contain all the access available on the online conference. This in-person conference also provides additional educational games, networking activities, special interest groups, social engagements, and more. Users need to be a minimum of 18 years of age to sign up for this conference. 

Maine Family Planning

Founded in 1971, Maine Family Planning was created by a group of individuals who believed every Maine woman should have equal access to high-quality and safe reproductive health services. The founders of this organization created a force for statewide family planning through tireless efforts.

The main goal of this organization is to ensure everyone has a right to bodily autonomy and access to proper resources and freedom regardless of their bank balance or where they are situated. This organization works to develop a system of laws and education that sustains entire access to a full range of sexual and reproductive health care.

There is a wide range of services provided by Maine Family Planning such as Abortion Services, Reproductive HealthCare, Primary Care, Gender-Affirming Care, Family Support Services, and Reproductive Empowerment Project (REP). 

Maine’s Sexuality Education Conference 

Maine’s annual Comprehensive Sexuality Education Conference helps provide essential sexuality education updates to health teachers and school nurses. This conference has now turned into one of the most eagerly anticipated annual events for educators, school counselors, school nurses, and numerous youth-serving professionals.

Every year, through this program professionals help share new and innovative programming, develop skills, and knowledge, and provide resources for providing inclusive and positive sexual health education. 

2023 conference 

The 17th Annual Comprehensive Sexuality Education Conference of Maine Family Planning took place on 7th April 2023. The theme of this conference was “Sex Ed in a Changing World.” The workshop included a presentation on Prevention, Response, And Healing From Sextortion by Dr. Rachael Gibson.