What is the Difference Between Escorting and Prostitution?

Most people tend to get confused between escorts and prostitution and often think both are interchangeable activities. However, there is a massive difference between escorting and prostitution.

An escort is hired to spend time and attend events with the client therefore an escort offers their time and companionship. Meanwhile, a prostitute offers sexual service to the client. Also, Escort services are legal when performed with a valid license, but prostitution is considered illegal in the majority of cities and countries.  

In this article, we will provide a detailed guide on what is the difference between escorting and prostitution along with mentioning the potential penalties of these services. 

What is an Escort?

An Escort offers companionship and time to the client in exchange for money. The services provided by an escort include spending time or accompanying the client to various social events, emotional support, overseas trips, and more.

Therefore, unlike prostitutes, escorts are hired for a longer period of time depending on how long the social gathering or occasion is and escorts don’t provide any sexual services and are usually limited to sharing companionship. 

Escorts are hired through an Escort agency, the client contacts the agency and a meet-up is set between the client and escort. Escorts are not prostitutes and therefore, they don’t indulge in any sexual act or intercourse with the client.

Usually, the relationship between the client and escort is strictly professional and doesn’t involve any intimate interaction between the two. 

Escorting services are considered legal in most states and countries since it usually involves meet-ups and accompanying the client. Although, the escort needs to have a valid license. Providing escort services without a license is considered illegal in most cities and countries. 

What is a Prostitute?

A Prostitute is an individual who gets involved in sexual intercourse and various sexual acts with the client. The compensation of a prostitute usually depends on the hours spent on the sexual act performed.

Unlike escorts, prostitutes don’t attend any social gatherings or events with the client. Therefore, the services provided by a prostitute are for a shorter period compared to an escort.

Prostitution is considered illegal in most cities and countries. Any individual found selling or purchasing sexual services can be charged. 

What Does the State Need to Prove?

Sexual Acts and Compensation are the two important elements that the state needs to provide for a prostitution conviction. 

Sexual Acts: Prostitution is strictly prohibited in most countries and any individual found getting involved in any sexual intercourse with the client in exchange for money can be can be charged with prostitution charges.

Therefore, if you are found to be involved in any sexual acts such as oral sex, intimate touching, intercourse, and anal sex then, you might be charged by the state. Apart from intercourse, the Lewd sexual acts also include touching intimate areas such as female breasts, genitals, and buttocks, of either participant in the sexual act.

Compensation: This part basically includes money along with anything of value. An individual can be charged for prostitution for either accepting or paying compensation for any sexual acts with drugs, property, valuable information, or anything else of value to you or the client. 

How Can I Avoid a Conviction for Prostitution?

To avoid getting a conviction for prostitution you shouldn’t agree to indulge in any sort of sexual acts with the client in exchange for any compensation. If you are hired as an escort, for attending a social event don’t engage in a sexual nature and keep the association strictly professional. 

In case, the police wrongfully arrest you for prostitution, solicitation, or any related offense, don’t talk to the police or make any statement until you have a criminal lawyer present with you. You have a legal right to ask for a lawyer if you don’t have one.

Once you have your lawyer present, the attorney will help review your facts and circumstances to determine the potential legal defenses of your case. This will increase your chances of proving yourself not guilty of conviction.

Remember, a strong defense attack can help you avoid any penalties and consequences associated with a conviction for prostitution. Therefore, here is a list of potential defenses that can help you avoid a conviction for prostitution. 

  • No compensation was exchanged between you and the client.
  • There was no agreement to any sexual acts between you and the other party. 
  • Illegal means were used by officers to entrap you during the conviction.
  • Insufficient evidence to prove the conviction. 
  • There is a mistake of identity and false allegations have been placed. 

What Are the Penalties for a Prostitution Charge?

A person might receive a fine or might need to spend some time in jail concerning prostitution or related offenses. A conviction for prostitution can result in the induction of a criminal record which could affect future sentences for other crimes. A prostitution charge can also highly affect your social status and impact your career. 

If it’s your first conviction then you might face a fine of $1000 along with up to six months of jail time. A second conviction can result in a higher penalty and prison time. A third or next prostitution conviction can result in a minimum sentence of 90 days along with penalties.

The area where the prostitution act occurred also plays an impactful role in penalties. So, if you are found indulging in prostitution activities near a school, then you might face a longer jail sentence. 

It is recommended to consult a legal counsel before pleading guilty to any charges or crime. Advice from an attorney might assist you in creating a strong defense case and help reduce the charges.