Anal Sex Statistics 2024

With over a decade of expertise in sexual health statistics, we decided to record the interest of Americans in anal play. Our research team conducted an extensive survey with 1240 adults across the United States, all of whom were sexually active. The focus of our inquiry was specifically on the experiences and habits of anal play.

The findings of our study offer a detailed insight into the prevalence of anal play among these individuals, including the frequency of their participation and the variety of practices they have explored.

Additionally, our analysis delves into how these practices vary across different demographics, including gender, sexual orientation, and age groups.

How many Americans have tried anal sex?

How many Americans have tried anal sex?

The data reveals a gradual increase in the percentage of Americans who have tried anal sex, starting from 31% in 2001 and expected to reach 42% by 2023.

The early years show stability in this sexual behavior, but from 2004 onwards, there’s a noticeable uptick. This trend suggests a shift in sexual norms and increasing openness to diverse sexual practices.

The significant jump in 2020, from 36% to 39%, could be linked to changing societal attitudes or the impact of global events like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Overall, the data indicates a growing acceptance and exploration of varied sexual expressions among Americans.

202342% (Expected)

Source: Statista

Gender-Specific stats:

Gender-Specific Anal Sex Stats

Only a small majority of both men and women have engaged in either topping or bottoming, with 71% of men and 70% of women reporting such experiences. This indicates a high level of engagement in these practices among both genders.

When we delve deeper, we see distinct preferences and practices between men and women. 28% of men report having both topped and bottomed, compared to 20% of women, suggesting a slightly higher versatility among men in these roles.

These figures suggest a strong gender-based divide in preferred roles, with a majority of men favoring the bottom role and a majority of women the top role.

Never Tried29%28%30%
Have Topped or Bottomed71%72%70%
Have Topped & Bottomed both24%28%20%
Only Topped49%32%69%
Only Bottomed48%69%22%

Anal play stats for straight, Bisexual, and Gay Americans

Anal play stats for straight, Bisexual, and Gay Americans

key differences in anal play practices among Gay/Lesbian, Bisexual, and Straight Americans:

  1. Anal Sex (Top or Bottom): Most prevalent among Gay/Lesbian (88.6%) and Bisexual (85.1%) individuals, with lower engagement among Straight individuals (65.6%).
  2. Pegging: More common in the Bisexual community (31.4%), followed by Gay/Lesbian (24.1%), and least common among Straight individuals (10.4%).
  3. Sex Toys for Personal Pleasure: Significantly higher usage in Gay/Lesbian (77.2%) and Bisexual (80.0%) communities compared to Straight individuals (40.4%).
  4. Anal Toys with Someone Else: Highest among Gay/Lesbian (72.2%), then Bisexuals (57.1%), and lowest in Straight individuals (42.7%).
  5. Giving Analingus: More frequent in the Gay/Lesbian (73.4%) and Bisexual (58.3%) groups, with Straight individuals less engaged (32.4%).
  6. Receiving Analingus: Highest among Gay/Lesbian (70.9%), followed by Bisexuals (43.4%) and Straight individuals (36.7%).

In summary, Gay/Lesbian and Bisexual individuals show higher engagement in various forms of anal play compared to Straight individuals, reflecting greater openness and experimentation in these communities.

Anal Sex from Top or Bottom88.6%85.1%65.6%
Sex Toys For Personal Pleasure77.2%80.0%40.4%
Anal Toys with Someone Else72.2%57.1%42.7%
Have given Analingus73.4%58.3%32.4%
Have given Analingus70.9%43.4%36.7%

How Often Do Americans Engage in Anal Play Monthly?

How Often Do Americans Engage in Anal Play Monthly?
  • Men: Engage in anal play 3.14 times per month. This indicates a relatively higher frequency compared to women.
  • Women: Participate in anal play 1.67 times per month, which is almost half as frequently as men.
  • Straight Individuals: Have an average frequency of 1.85 times per month. This is slightly higher than the average for women but lower than the overall male average.
  • Gay/Lesbian Individuals: Show the highest frequency at 6.92 times per month, significantly more than any other group. This suggests that anal play is a more integral part of sexual activities within this community.
  • Bisexual Individuals: Engage in anal play 3.05 times per month, which is nearly on par with the average for men and higher than the average for straight individuals.
OrientationMonthly Stats
Men 3.14 Times
Women1.67 Times
Straight1.85 Times
Gay/ Lesbian6.92 Times
Bisexual3.05 Times
Total2.57 Times

Anal Play Experience stats with categories:

Anal Play Experience stats with categories

Anal sex emerges as the most common experience, with 72% of individuals reporting having engaged in it. This high percentage suggests that anal sex is a widely accepted and practiced form of sexual activity.

Pegging, which involves a role reversal with the use of a strap-on, is experienced by 17% of the respondents. This lower percentage indicates that pegging is a less common practice, possibly due to its specific nature or cultural perceptions.

The use of sex toys for personal pleasure is reported by 53% of individuals, highlighting a significant inclination towards incorporating toys in personal sexual activities.

Similarly, 49% report using sex toys with a partner, suggesting a nearly equal openness to incorporating toys into shared sexual experiences.

Anal Sex72%
Sex Toys For Personal Pleasure53%
Sex Toys with Someone Else49%
Have given Analingus40%
Have given Analingus42%

Anal Sex Stats By Age

Anal Sex Stats By Age
Age GroupWomen PercentageMen Percentage
18-24 Years Old28.4%29.3%
25-34 Years Old38.5%49.3%
35-44 Years Old39.0%44.8%
25-44 Years Old38.5%47.0%
  • 18-24 Years Old: In this youngest age group, 28.4% of women and 29.3% of men report engaging in anal sex. The percentages are quite close, indicating a similar level of engagement in this practice among young adults of both genders.
  • 25-34 Years Old: There’s a noticeable increase in this age range, with 38.5% of women and a significantly higher 49.3% of men participating in anal sex. This suggests that anal sex becomes more common in this age group, particularly among men.
  • 35-44 Years Old: The participation remains high with 39.0% of women and 44.8% of men engaging in anal sex. This indicates that the practice continues to be prevalent in this slightly older demographic.
  • 25-44 Years Old: When combining the two middle age groups, the percentages are 38.5% for women and 47.0% for men. This combined statistic shows a sustained interest in anal sex among adults in their mid-twenties to mid-forties, with men consistently reporting higher engagement than women.

Anal Sex Stats By Generation

Anal Sex Stats By Generation

Anal Sex (Top or Bottom)

Among different generations, Millennials report the highest engagement in anal sex (top or bottom) at 73%, closely followed by both Gen Z and Gen X at 68%.

Gen Z68%
Gen X68%


For pegging, Millennials have the highest participation rate at 18%, with Gen Z at 15% and Gen X slightly lower at 14.5%.

Gen Z15%
Gen X14.5%

Anal Toys or Fingers (Self)

Gen Z leads in the use of anal toys or fingers for self-pleasure at 64%, followed by Millennials at 53%, and Gen X at 41%.

Gen Z64%
Gen X41%

Anal Toys or Fingers (Someone Else)

Millennials report the highest usage of anal toys or fingers with someone else at 53%, followed by Gen Z at 44%, and Gen X at 39%.

Gen Z44%
Gen X39%

Analingus (Received)

Millennials lead in receiving analingus at 45%, followed closely by Gen X at 42%, and Gen Z at 37%.

Gen Z37%
Gen X42%

Analingus (Given)

Gen Z42%
Gen X38%

How open are Americans in Discussing Anal Sex?

How open are Americans in Discussing Anal Sex?
Very Uncomfortable12.9%
Somewhat Uncomfortable21.4%
Neutral Opinion23.5%
Somewhat Uncomfortable25.3%
Very Uncomfortable19%

Women and their experiences with Anal play

The study was based on a small sample size of 32 participants, all of whom had prior histories of illicit drug use. This background is significant as it may contribute to the notably high percentages observed in ‘quid pro quo’ scenarios.

Q1. Why do women love Anal?

Ans: We asked several women and these were the responses:

  • 9% do it when they are on their periods, indicating a choice for anal sex as an alternative during menstruation.
  • 28% engage in anal sex for the purpose of pleasing their partner, suggesting a focus on their partner’s preferences or desires.
  • 48% participate out of their own personal desire, showing that nearly half do it primarily for their own sexual satisfaction.
  • 28% do it for money or drugs, which reflects instances where the motivation is transactional or related to substance use.
  • 62.5% have engaged in it without any consent, a concerning statistic that highlights issues of non-consent and coercion.
  • 53% didn’t know they could refuse, indicating a lack of awareness or understanding about the right to consent and sexual autonomy.
Pencentage of WomenReason
9%Do it when they are on periods
28%For pleasing her partner
48%Own personal Desire
28%Do it for money or drugs
62.5%Without any consent
53%Didn’t know they could refuse

Source: Ncbl

Q2. Do Women Enjoy Anal Sex?

Ans: While 31% of women find anal intercourse pleasurable, a higher percentage, 63.3%, expressed having a positive experience when receiving anal sex.

However, 59.0% of women did not find their initial experience with anal intercourse pleasurable, indicating that enjoyment may increase with subsequent experiences. Contrasting this, 41.0% reported anal sex as a pleasurable experience overall.

When it comes to first-time experiences, only 18.3% of women stated that their initial engagement in anal sex was not painful. This is starkly contrasted by the 81.7% of women who found their initial experience to be painful.

These statistics suggest that while a significant number of women eventually find anal sex pleasurable, the initial experience is often painful for a majority. This highlights the importance of factors like consent, preparation, and communication in ensuring a more positive and comfortable experience.

Source: Badgirlbible

Q3. Is squirting or orgasm possible in Anal Sex?

Ans: In a study on women’s sexual experiences, 51.9% reported experiencing orgasm during anal intercourse, with 39% achieving orgasm in their most recent encounter.

However, a notable majority (61%) did not orgasm in their latest attempt. Additionally, 16.9% of women reported squirting during anal sex, with 12.3% indicating this occurred in their last experience.

51.9%Women experienced orgasm during anal intercourse
48.1%Women did not experience orgasm during anal sex
39%Women had an orgasm in their most recent anal sex
61%Women did not have an orgasm in their latest anal sex attempt
16.9%Women reported squirting during anal sex
83.1%Women did not squirt during anal sex encounters
12.3%Women indicated they squirted in their last anal intercourse

Source: BadGirlBible

Q4. Why do Women hate Anal Sex?

Ans: The primary reason women dislike anal sex, as indicated by 66.8%, is due to experiencing pain during the act.

Additionally, 43.4% attribute their aversion to it being initiated too quickly or without adequate relaxation, and 41.32% cite insufficient or no lubrication as a factor.

Physical compatibility issues also play a role, with 16.72% reporting problems due to large penis size.

66.80%Experiencing pain during the act
43.40%Initiated too quickly or inadequate relaxation time
41.32%Insufficient or no lubrication used
22.54%Did not achieve orgasm
20.63%Felt coerced or pressured into the act
16.72%Issues due to large penis size
1.85%Issues related to small penis size

Q5. What is the Most Liked Position that Women prefer in Anal?

Ans: Doggy Style emerges as the most favored sex position, preferred by 42.9% of respondents. The next popular positions include Lying Down on the Stomach (14.0%) and Lying on the Side (12.0%).

Most Liked Position that Women prefer in Anal?
Sex PositionsPercentage
Doggy Style42.9%
Lying Down on My Stomach14.0%
Lying on My Side12.0%
Lying on My Back8.8%
Standing with My Partner Behind Me4.9%

Source: BadGirlBible