Niki Adams and Sheila Farmer, speaking at SLUTWALK

June 11 was the London slut walk, Niki Adams from the English Collective of Prostitutes condemns the UK laws and the police for the danger prostitutes are put in.  Shelia Farmer also speaks from personal experience on what happens to us when we work together for safety.  We can end up going to prison,  loose all all earnings for the last 7 years through the proceeds of Crime Act. Changes to the law brought about by the Labour Government  have exacerbated the problem allowing brothels to be closed quickly and POCA to be used against us.

The Proceeds of Crime Act was designed to recover earnings from serious crime.  It is now used to recover earnings from us, mothers and women providing consensual sexual services working together.  The money recovered is split between the police, the CPS and the state.  This encourages the police to target prostitutes as an easy money earning exercise.   This along with a general state hatred of us and pressure to criminalise our clients has forced us to work more circumspectly and never to trust the persons in blue.

Where are our human rights to work together in safety?  What other job forces you to work alone?