10 Causes of Prostitution

Prostitution has been practiced since ancient times and is known as one of the world’s oldest professions. Prostitution involves (both male and female) engaging, agreeing, or offering sexual services or acts in exchange for money or goods.

Some countries consider prostitution or selling sex services as a serious crime and hence, prohibit the act. Few cities and countries such as Nevada, have legalized prostitution by implementing certain rules and regulations. 

The entire talk about prostitution often raises questions on what are causes of prostitution. While some individuals willingly engage in prostitution due to financial troubles, debts, and more. Some are simply forced into the act through peer pressure or trafficking.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the top 10 causes of prostitution and why students and women engage in sex work. 

10 Causes of Prostitution 

There are a variety of causes behind Prostitution, sometimes it’s due to financial reasons, economic reasons, or peer pressure. Below we have listed down 10 common causes behind why young girls and students turn to Prostitution. 

1. Poverty 

One of the most common causes of Prostitution is Poverty. Most teenagers and young women turn to prostitution to earn funds to afford a livelihood for themselves and their families.

Day by Day the poverty rates are rising at a rapid pace, resulting in young children with no parental care indulging in any means of survival such as Prostitution.

People struggling to access basic necessities such as food, shelter, healthcare, and education can become extremely vulnerable and often result in engaging in Prostitution. 

2. Peer Pressure 

A vast amount of females or young students involved in Prostitution is due to peer pressure lured by friends, siblings, or family members.

Peer groups are highly influential on a child, the people in the peer groups basically decide what the future of the child will be. Most peer groups tend to glamorize prostitution, which can result in vulnerable individuals such as teenagers and young adults getting more inclined towards working as sex workers.

Peer Pressure can also come from friends or cousins who manipulate vulnerable individuals into engaging in sex work in return for good money. 

3. Target of Trafficking

A large number of sex workers are targets of trafficking, sex slavery, sexual abuse, child labor, and more which is the major cause behind them engaging in prostitution. The conceptions about sex have been derailed due to traumatic childhood experiences.

This results in people having low self-esteem and other sexual disorders which eventually turn them into Prostitution. While some young girls and women are trafficked and manipulated into becoming sex workers. 

4. Financial Debts

Financial debt is another crucial factor that can lead some individuals into prostitution. Since it might resonate as an easy way to earn money and repay the creditors.

People who have borrowed money from banks in the form of loans struggle with regular interest rates, which can make it more difficult to repay the loan through legal means. Hence, this can result in people turning towards prostitution to generate necessary funds.  

5. Deceived by Family 

In a few cases, parents or lovers are involved in selling their daughters in exchange for money.

There have been cases where family members, especially guardians, parents, or step-parents might exploit their children or relatives by forcing them into prostitution in order to generate good income from them.

In certain cultures, women and girls are expected to engage in prostitution to help the family income by working as sex workers. At times, family members can also manipulate their children and relatives to indulge in prostitution by using guilt, fear, or coercion. 

6. Biological Factors

Another potential reason behind people turning to Prostitution is Biological Factors. Some people are born with defective organs or overactive glands and tend to have a high sex drive and tend to look for sexual gratification in different manners and therefore, decide to engage in Prostitution.

In such cases, people voluntarily become sex workers. Few married women tend to engage in prostitution to fulfill their sexual gratification. 

7. Limited Education 

Limited education is another potential cause for women to become sex workers since most job opportunities require a degree and certification. Parents who lack sufficient income often are unable to provide education to their kids.

This becomes a major disadvantage to the children and results in individuals having a lower amount of chance of securing a stable job opportunity. Most companies and organizations look for a suitable degree and skill training while recruiting people.

It can cause self-esteem issues, making people feel there are fewer chances of them getting a good job. Therefore, people with limited education are left with no choice but to join prostitution to earn a reasonable income for themselves and their families to maintain a livelihood. 

8. Drug Addiction

Another potential reason behind prostitution can be an addiction to illegal drugs and alcohol. In many cases, substance abuse can result in people blending towards prostitution as a way to fund their addiction and keep their habits supported.

9. Thirst for Money

For some people, high earning potential and easy money notions can be a reason to indulge in prostitution. Usually, young adults or teenagers have this driving force to earn good money in a short span of time.

Money is a major motivation for women who become prostitutes

Another compelling reason behind individuals engaging in prostitution is that it doesn’t require any essential education or qualification. Providing individuals with an easy method to earn money. 

10. Unemployment 

Economic recession can result in laying off employees, which causes higher rates of unemployment. While some people are able to get another job, some result in resorting to illegal activities such as Prostitution due to financial desperation.